Ultimate Operator Bundle - 38" Gun Case - Extended Warranty - Swag

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Do you want just a little bit more bang for the buck? Introducing our Ultimate Operator Bundle Option. This can be purchased independently or in conjunction with any one of our firearms. 

What is the Ultimate Operator Bundle?


(1) 38" Rifle Hardcase with Rollers. These meet TSA requirements for those that travel.

(1) Extended Firearm Warranty Protection. Think VIP. You get immediate preference for any repairs or warranty claims. If you ever run into an issue either by defect or by accidental damage we will cover the shipping for the first return. Just let us know that you made this purchase and we will send you a label.

(1) Magpul RLS Sling System is included. Every firearm should have the equipment to carry them independant of the hardcase. 

(1) Set of our quick disconnect swivels to setup with your new sling system. Gives you plenty of options on how you want to run your weapon system.

(1) Swag pack. Every gun case needs stickers. We will include stickers from our own brand lines as well as thiose from brands that we work with.

Case does not fit with PMT-10 Firearms.