PAMAX Tactical Hoodie - Grayman Style

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The PAMAX Tactical Hoodie. Designed with a bit more "grayman" style in mind. Our low profile logo minus "PAMAX TACTICAL" text.

Our Hoodie is top tier quality designed for superior comfort and fit while offering all that bad @ss tactical patriotism.

Our hoodie body is made from a polyester blend that offers a sleek look while providing a higher tier of comfort over other brands. The bottom of the hoodie is contructed of flexible material that conforms to your waistline to ensure warmth stays in and cold stays out. Our hoodies offer a sleek body fit instead of an over puffy or ruffled look. Our hoodies are also designed for conceal carry to ensure concealment and ease of drawing your weapon. Features a primary pocket for storage of edc gear or simply to keep your hands warm. Top it all off with our awesome logo printed onto the hoodie.

What is a hoodie without a hood? That would be a sweatshirt. Which this is not. Our hood is constructed from the same polyester blend ensuring protection against even the harshest of the elements. Features dual draw strings for sinching the hood closed.

Our left sleeve is proudly made with a properly facing American battle flag while our right sleeve offers a 4"x4" velcro platform for your patches. Both sleeves are trimmed with flexible stretch material to ensure they conform to your wrists.

Our hoodie offers superior comfort and design that is perfect for everyday general use, outdoor sports, range day, training, and much more.