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***Must be 18 years of age to purchase.***


BIG IRON Manufactures beautifully built "one off" one of a kind firearms with no identical duplicates. BIG IRON is a USA manufacturer of various firearm types and prides themselves on a high quality tier that blends reliability, performance and craftsmanship. 

This model is built from a MD-65 Romanian parts kit. BIG IRON breaths life back into this beautiful piece with original condition wood furniture and custom metal work. A Battle Arms trigger is used with a 4.5lb ALG Spring Kit. Utilizes traditional muzzle device. These builds shoot very well and have excellent rivet work on reassembly. Finished off with a brand new coat of cerakote.

These rifles are all "one off" which means none will be exactly the same. Condition of furniture is same tier but may vary in shade of color. The firearm you see in photos is not the identical one that you will receive although it will be close. Please contact if you would like specific photos of the ones available. Limited stock. These are subject to kit availability.


Barrel Length: 16

Caliber: 7.62x39

Parts Kit Source: MD65 Romanian 

Muzzle Device: Classic Flash Hider

Trigger: ALG Def. Lighting Trigger (4.5lb)

USA Made Full Heat Treated Receiver

AK Builder Rivet Kit

AK Builder Barrel

AK Builder Gas Piston

ALG Main Spring

ALG Def Hammer Spring

Includes 30rd Magazine.

USA Manufactured 


*** Please note, this is a restricted item and must ship to a Federally licensed gun dealer.  Item will ship with a copy of our FFL for your dealer records.  You will have an opportunity to upload a copy of your dealer's FFL at checkout.  If you do not have a copy, simply have your dealer email a copy to along with the order number.  You order will not ship until we have a copy of the receiving dealer's FFL on file. 

PAMAX Tactical Inc. is the sole distributor for BIG IRON within the State of Florida.