BIG IRON MOD-63 Romanian 1983 Match # Underfolder AK47

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***Must be 18 years of age to purchase.***


BIG IRON Manufactures beautifully built "one off" one of a kind firearms with no identical duplicates. BIG IRON is a USA manufacturer of various firearm types and prides themselves on a high quality tier that blends reliability, performance and craftsmanship. BIG IRON uses "AK BUILDER" brand new barrel, rivets, shovel and gas piston parts for this rebuild. Paired with a Fime Group 5lb trigger this build provides balanced modern performance with the beautiful eye catching quality of old.


This MOD-63 is built from a Romanian parts kit. BIG IRON breaths life back into this beautiful piece with original condition battle-worn wood furniture and custom metal work. This piece features authentic trench artwork that is likely the name of a loved one carved into the wood by the soldier it was issued to. These builds are dream to shoot. 


Barrel Length: 16


Caliber: 7.62x39


Parts Kit Source: Romanian


Trigger: Fime Group 5lb Trigger


Rebuilt right here in the USA.


*** Please note, this is a restricted item and must ship to a Federally licensed gun dealer. Item will ship with a copy of our FFL for your dealer records. You will have an opportunity to upload a copy of your dealer's FFL at checkout. If you do not have a copy, simply have your dealer email a copy to along with the order number. You order will not ship until we have a copy of the receiving dealer's FFL on file. 


PAMAX Tactical Inc. is the sole distributor for BIG IRON within the State of Florida.