AR15 Tungsten/Silver Lower Parts Kit LPK

$64.95 - $74.95
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Our Tungsten/Silver AR-15 Lower Receiver Parts Kits (LPK's) include everything you'll need to put together a well-functioning and sleek AR Build. All our parts including springs are 100% USA Manufactured. All our Tungsten/Silver parts in these kits are custom cerakoted.The standard LPK includes our replacement Polymer A2-style pistol grip and polymer trigger guard.Complete 100% USA Kit Includes:Standard AR-15 Pistol Grip (Black)Pistol Grip ScrewPistol Grip Screw Lock WasherTungsten/Silver Trigger Hammer Tungsten/Silver Polymer Trigger GuardSemi DisconnectorDisconnector SpringTungsten/Silver Semi Safety Selector SwitchSafety DetentSafety SpringTungsten/Silver Bolt CatchBolt Catch Buffer/PlungerBolt Catch SpringBolt Catch Roll PinTungsten/Silver Magazine CatchTungsten/Silver Magazine Catch ButtonMagazine Catch SpringTungsten/Silver Front Pivot PinTungsten/Silver Takedown PinPivot Pin DetentPivot Pin Detent SpringTakedown Pin DetentTakedown Pin Detent SpringHammer SpringTrigger SpringHammer PinTrigger PinBuffer Retainer PinBuffer Retainer Spring