LION Online Waiver



  1. PAMAX Tactical Inc. (PAMAX) Low Impact Ordnance Non-Lethal (L.I.O.N.) Blank Fire Device (BFD) in conjunction with the V1 Base while designed with safety in mind can be dangerous and there is a risk of personal injury. For definition purposes the “LION” and “BFD" refers to the LION used in conjunction with the V1 Base attachment. The V1 Base is the sole unit that requires the reading, comprehension, and agreement of this waiver prior to being able to purchase.


BEFORE any purchase of a PAMAX LION Blank Fire Device V1 or otherwise,  all persons MUST read the most current LION BFD warnings and read and acknowledge this form. This document incorporates all current PAMAX LION BFD warnings by reference. This document is effective January 1st 2021 and supersedes all prior revisions.


It is the responsibility of the customer purchasing the product to ensure that you are complying with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations pertaining to the use and possession of a blank fire device. Any specific questions related to legal use and compliance may be directed to us. 


Read, understand, and follow all current instructions, warnings, and relevant PAMAX training materials before experiencing a BFD exposure or before using a PAMAX LION BFD. Failure to do so could increase the risk of serious bodily injury and to the user or others.

Always follow all current instructions, warnings, and PAMAX training materials to minimize BFD risks.


   A. During any exposure to a BFD appropriate ballistic eye protection must me worn.

   B. Appropriate hearing protection rated for at least 180 decibels must be worn.


A BFD deployment can cause temporary or permanent hearing loss, tinnitus, damage to the ear drum, temporary or permanent loss of eye sight, burns to the skin, cuts, abrasions, tearing of skin, numbness, nerve damage, tendon damage, dismemberment of fingers, hands, feet due to potential shrapnel, muscle contractions resulting in injuries similar to those from physical exertion, athletics, or sports, including hernia rupture, dislocation, tear, or other injury to soft tissue, organ, muscle, tendon, ligament, cartilage, disc, nerve, bone, or joint; or injury or damage associated with or to orthopedic or other hardware. Fractures to bone, including compression fracture to vertebrae, may occur.

These injuries may be more serious and more likely to occur in people with pre-existing injuries, orthopedic hardware, conditions or special susceptibilities, including pregnancy; low bone density; spinal injury; or previous muscle, disc, ligament, joint, bone, or tendon damage or surgery. Such injuries may also occur when a person reacts to the effect of the BFD.

Secondary Injury. Seizure. Repetitive stimuli (e.g., flashing light or loud noise) can induce seizure in some people, which may result in death or serious injury. This risk may be increased in a person with epilepsy, a seizure history, or if electrical stimuli pass through the head. Emotional stress and physical exertion, both likely in incidents involving LION BFD and other uses of force, are reported as seizure-precipitating factors.  

 Fainting. A person may experience an exaggerated response to a LION BFD exposure, or threatened exposure, which may result in fainting or falling.

Muscle contraction, incapacitation, or startle response. LION BFD use may cause loss of control from muscle contraction, incapacitation, or startle response, severe exhaustion. In a physiologically or metabolically compromised person, any physiologic or metabolic change may cause or contribute to sudden death.

Stress and Pain. LION BFD use, anticipation of use, or response to use can cause startle, panic, fear, anger, rage, temporary discomfort, pain, or stress which may be injurious or fatal to some people. 

Avoid simultaneous LION BFD exposures. Do not use multiple LION BFD's at the same time without justification. Multiple LION BFD's at the same time could have cumulative effects and result in increased risks. Serious complications could also arise in those with impaired heart function or in those with an implanted cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator.

Never throw a LION BFD at any person. Blunt force trauma including bruising, abrasions, broken bones, fractures, concussion, brain damage, brain damage resulting in seizures, loss of consciousness, or a combination of any of these effects or the previously mentions effects resulting in injury, incapacitation and/or death.

Cumulative Effects. LION BFD exposure causes certain effects, including physiologic and metabolic changes, stress, and possible pain. In some individuals, the risk of death or serious injury may increase with cumulative LION BFD exposure. Repeated, prolonged, or continuous LION BFD applications may contribute to cumulative exhaustion, stress, cardiac, physiologic, metabolic, respiratory, and associated medical risks which could increase the risk of death or serious injury. Minimize repeated, continuous, or simultaneous exposures if any such medical issues or there symptoms are observed.

 Physiologic and Metabolic Effects. LION BFD can causes physiologic and/or metabolic effects that may increase the risk of death or serious injury. These effects include changes in blood chemistry, blood pressure, respiration, heart rate and rhythm, and adrenaline and stress hormones, among others.

 Some individuals may be particularly susceptible to the effects of LION BFD use. These susceptible individuals include the elderly, those with heart conditions, asthma or other pulmonary conditions, and people suffering from excited delirium, profound agitation,


Eye Injury Hazard. A LION BFD upon detonation that comes close to an eye can result in serious injury, including permanent vision loss. DO NOT intentionally discharge a LION BFD at/near the eye of a person or animal.

 LION BFD use may cause a permanent mark, burn, scar, puncture, or other skin or tissue damage. Infection could result in death or serious injury.

Scarring risk may be increased when if a LION BFD is detonated within the hand or on while attached to the body of any person.


LION BFD are blank fire devices designed in conjunction with the V1 Base to act as a less-than-lethal tool, and as with any such less-than-lethal any user must follow safe handling practices and store your LION BFD securely, as directed by the associated instructions.

Significant differences exist between different LION BFD models. Before using any LION BFD, including a LION BFD using a V1 Base, ensure you understand the functioning and effects of that model.

Follow practices in PAMAX Tactical Inc. warnings and training materials and videos and any additional requirements. Failure to follow the warnings may result in death or serious injury to the user or others.    


  1. Unintentional LION BFD Deployment or Discharge Hazard. Unintentional or accidental LION BFD detonation could result in death or serious injury to the user, subject, or others. Keep away from sources of flammable materials or gas. Keep body parts away from the bottom base area and bottom gas vent area of the LION BFD. If the LION BFD discharges unexpectedly you could be injured. NEVER ARM THE LION BFD WHEN A SAFETY PIN IS NOT CONTAINED IN THE UNIT. ALWAYS ENSURE THE SAFETY PIN IS SECURELY IN THE LION BFD BEFORE ARMING THE DEVICE WITH A LOADED BLANK CARTRIDGE. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE ABOVE INSTRUCTIONS CAN RESULT IN ACCIDENTAL OR UNINTENTIONAL DETONATION OF THE DEVICE, WHICH MAY RESULT IN SERIOUS BODILY INJURY OR DEATH TO THE USER AND/OR PERSONS IN THE SURROUNDING AREA.


In consideration of, and as a condition precedent to purchase and use the L.I.O.N. BFD  I acknowledge and agree as follows:

I have read, fully understand and accept the risks. I have read, fully understand, and accept the risks as stated in this document and PAMAX’s current warnings (“Risks”) and that these Risks exist.

I accept the Risks. Understanding the Risks, I assume all Risks inherent in LION BFD use and the LION BFD exposure, whether known or unknown, foreseen or unforeseen.

I accept that it is solely the responsibility of the buyer to know and adhere to any and all local, state and federal rules, regulations, and laws pertaining to the L.I.O.N. BFD, its use, transport and it's possession.

Release and hold harmless. I release and hold harmless PAMAX Tactical Inc, its agents, representatives, officers, directors, employees, and distributors, and the (collectively “Released Parties”), from any and all claims, including but not limited to, claims for strict liability, breach of warranty, failure to warn, or any other theory of liability whatsoever even if due to the NEGLIGENCE or GROSS NEGLIGENCE of the Released Parties. I specifically waive any statutory rights I may have regarding the release of unknown claims. I agree no one will sue Released Parties. I promise that neither I nor anyone on my behalf will ever sue or bring any other legal action or claim against the Released Parties for anything related to my PAMAX LION BFD use.

This agreement supersedes any other representation. This release supersedes any other statement, agreement or representation, written or oral, concerning my PAMAX LION BFD Use and exposure.

This agreement is a binding contract. I intend this form be legally binding upon me, my heirs, executors, administrators, attorneys and assigns. This agreement is contractual and not a mere recital. If any part of this agreement is held vague, invalid, or otherwise unenforceable, the rest of the agreement will continue in full force and effect. I am competent to be bound by this agreement. I affirm that I am competent to enter into and be bound by this agreement; that I have read and understand this Liability & Release Agreement in its entirety; that I have not been induced to acknowledge and confirm this agreement by any promise or representation; and that I sign it voluntarily and of my own free will.

 By checking the box and proceeding with purchase I acknowledging the above liability waiver and its contents I understand that I am giving up certain legal rights, including the right to recover damages in case of injury.